Madonna Kicked by Horse, Given an Appeal Date & Back to Work

Things are never slow in the world of Madonna. She’s in the middle of trying to coerce judges abroad to give her a little girl, she fell off a horse and she has a trainer that just won’t quit! This is all the latest in Madge’s world and that’s not even mentioning who she’s sleeping with! The horse incident happened a few days ago when she was riding at her friend’s house and apparently, she’s so hot that paparazzi needed to jump out of the bushes at her. I think really, she fell off and was embarrassed and decided to blame the paps because it’s just oh so easy. Now however her trainer wants her back at the gym so that Madge can prepare for all her fans who want to see her in concert and ‘suck the life out of her.’ From the sounds of it, this trainer is the one who’s sucking out Madonna’s life. From Contact Music,

“MADONNA is fighting fit and heading back to the gym on Tuesday (21Apr09) – just three days after she was hospitalised for falling off a horse.
The pop superstar was treated at Southampton Hospital on New York’s Long Island on Saturday (18Apr09) after taking a tumble at the home of her friend Steven Klein.
She was discharged hours later but Madonna’s representative, Liz Rosenberg, claimed the singer would undergo “further tests and continues to remain under observation by doctors”.
However, Madonna’s trainer Tracy Anderson insists the Material Girl’s injuries are minimal and would not disrupt her exercise schedule as she prepares for the summer jaunt of her ongoing Sticky & Sweet world tour.
Anderson told on Monday (20Apr09), “She’s going to be fine. She fell on her butt. She’s fine.
“We’re going to train tomorrow. We have our set training. She’s like a professional athlete. She can’t mess around with her training. I mean, she has to be able to perform in front of 70,000 people who are sucking the life out of her, and she’s singing and dancing. There are no shortcuts when you’re training in that way.”

I wonder if anyone ever told this trainer that you can’t perform if you’re not physically capable and pushing yourself when you’re not physically ready yet is a sure-fire way to make the body shut down and keep Madge on her butt until she’s actually ready to have the life sucked out of her again. But what do I know? I’m no trainer.

In other news, Madonna has her appeal date with the Supreme Court in Malawi regarding the adoption of Mercy James. Madonna was denied the adoption of Mercy a couple of weeks ago and because she doesn’t take ‘no’ from anyone, Madonna was quick to jump on the appeal bandwagon. Also from Contact Music,

“Madonna is to appear in the Malawian Supreme Court next month in order to appeal a decision against her attempted adoption of a three-year-old girl.

The singer’s application to adopt Chifundo James – whose names translates as Mercy in English – was blocked earlier this month over residency rules.

But high court registrar Joseph Chigona has now told the AP news agency Madonna will appear before three Supreme Court judges on May 4th for an appeal after her initial adoption bid failed.”

It will be extremely interesting to see what happens at this appeal and whether or not Madonna will have that residency issue cleared up. I really don’t see this one going through for her. The adoption was refused on the grounds that a parent needs to live in the country for at least 18 months prior to any adoption. That is the policy of their country and I don’t understand how a Supreme Court judge could overrule that. But alas, I suppose that’s what appeals are all about.

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