Well We Knew it was Going to Happen, Didn’t We?

Of course being with Jesus Luz made Madonna look like a pathetic cougar who had absolutely no moral standards whatsoever. Not only because she’s old enough to be his mature mother but also because she was shacking up with him just months after her divorce. Not to mention that all of this was coming off the heels of her affair with A-Rod, which left a marriage in pieces. So one the good thing that Madonna could do to make her look like the angelic, saintly parent that she wanted to make herself out to be to the Malawian government, was to dump Jesus the boy-toy and wrap Mercy up in her loving arms. 

Well none of what she did to try and make amends for her disgusting behavior seemed to have worked because all of her plans for adopting Mercy went straight down thetoilet. So now she’s decided to stop putting on pretenses for just a second and continue to get jiggy with it with Jesus. But not before, of course, he takes a dip in holy Kabbalah water to cleanse himself of whatever impurities he contracted in her absence. From The Sun via Celebitchy,

“Madonna had just enjoyed a dinner date with on/off lover Jesus Luz and a few pals in New York.

They tucked into some Italian nosh at Morandi before leaving separately, only to link up once more in the back of Madge’s waiting car.

Earlier in the evening, they were seen leaving the Kabbalah center, once again avoiding being pictured together.

The pair have yet to confirm whether or not they are still an item, but the Brazilian model is certainly a dab hand at perking up his reported missus following her recent adoption woe.”

I really don’t think this news is going to shock anyone. Even when she was with A-Rod she sort of seemed to blow hot and cold on him. People in Madge’s world just need to get used to the fact that they are completely disposable, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t wait until she’s ready to pick them back up and start playing with them again.

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