I Almost Felt Sorry for Tori

I think I’ve gotten too caught up in feeling badly for Tori Spelling. It’s true that she was mostly excluded from her dad’s will and that she’s had major problems with her mom. So when I saw the most recent story about how she was under all this pressure to lose weight after having kids, I did kindof feel bad for her. She is viewed differently than ‘regular’ moms and her job does require that she looks a certain way – especially now that she’s back on the cast of 90210. But I read a little deeper and decided to hop off the Tori pity train for just a second and stop trying to understand her because she certainly doesn’t understand anyone else. From People,

“Newly-svelte Tori Spelling does not have anorexia – but the 90210 star and mother of two acknowledges that the pressure to look a certain way in Hollywood is a struggle.

“I knew as soon as I left the house a week, even two weeks after giving birth, [to daughter Stella] people are going to take pictures and scrutinize,” Spelling tells PEOPLE. “Whereas mothers everywhere don’t even think about losing the weight for a year. It was hard to find that balance of what’s acceptable.”

The naturally slender actress, who says she didn’t worry about pressure to be thin until she was in the media spotlight in her 20s, says she noticed that some Hollywood moms bounced back to their pre-baby shape in just weeks.

“After I had Liam, the weight didn’t just fly right off. I had to diet and exercise,” says the actress who gained 40 pounds after giving birth to son Liam, 2, and daughter Stella, 10 months. “When I had Stella, I remember looking at Jessica Alba [after she gave birth] and thinking, ‘Wait a minute, it flew right off her.’ Then I read that she works out six days a week and I’m like, ‘Oh God, no, I can’t do that.’ “

Tori’s stupid if she ever thought that celebrities who lost the weight in 6 weeks did it all just by being a new mom and so if she chooses to compare herself to other women who do that, she should be prepared for disappointment. It seems as though she has recently taken the same road – she is skinny minny, teeny tiny now. I also don’t think that regular months don’teven think about losing the weight for a year. That’s what we’re told but we’re still women who have to look at ourselves in the mirror every day and may not like what we see. 

Celebrities do have it tough in the way that people do constantly wonder how long it will take to get the weight off and they’re constantly having their picture snapped reminding them of all that weight they haven’t lost yet. But it’s still a challenge for new regular moms too and they’re under a different kind of pressure. I don’t like the fact that she seems to be completely disregarding that.

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#1 chicksta on 04.18.09 at 10:39 am

tori was not excluded from the will

#2 Jayna on 04.20.09 at 10:25 am

tori received $250,000 after her father died. considering how much money aaron spelling had tori was pretty much excluded from her father’s will, and that’s what the author said. maybe you should read the post before you make a comment.

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