One More Reason to Love David Cook!

The performance that I’ll never forget of David Cook’s on American Idol was the one that he dedicated to his brother, who is battling brain cancer, beforehand and used a pick that his brother had given him. The guitar he used that night also had his brother’s initials engraved onto it. It seems now David is willing to […]

I Almost Felt Sorry for Tori

I think I’ve gotten too caught up in feeling badly for Tori Spelling. It’s true that she was mostly excluded from her dad’s will and that she’s had major problems with her mom. So when I saw the most recent story about how she was under all this pressure to lose weight after having kids, I […]

Suri Turns 3!

Let me tell you, as an average working person who has a little girl around Suri’s age, it made me sick the ordeal that was thrown for this little girl last year when she turned 2. That grand affair included a wedding-style cake as well as flowers that cost into the thousand dollar range, individualized […]

Well We Knew it was Going to Happen, Didn’t We?

Of course being with Jesus Luz made Madonna look like a pathetic cougar who had absolutely no moral standards whatsoever. Not only because she’s old enough to be his mature mother but also because she was shacking up with him just months after her divorce. Not to mention that all of this was coming off the heels […]