I Can’t Even Believe How Pathetic These People Are

In case you’re a regular reader of Rolling Stone magazine, you’ll be able to read the article tomorrow that’s written about Hulk Hogan and includes an interview in which Hogan compares himself to O.J. Simpson, talks about cutting everyone’s throat, and places himself in that horrible situation and says that he ‘gets it.’ I don’t even understand where the horribleness of such a thought comes from, never mind why you would ever, ever tell someone that you can put yourself on the same wavelength as a murderer. Well now apparently, everyone is outraged. I can’t imagine why. Of course, Linda Hogan and her attorneys are using this as a prime chance to jump all over the Hulkster. These people just don’t know when to stop and try to act like mature adults! From CNN,

“Hulk Hogan said his comments to Rolling Stone magazine that he can “totally understand” O.J. Simpson — the former football great found liable for the deaths of his wife and another man — are being misunderstood.
The pro wrestling legend said Wednesday that he “took the high road” and “didn’t do the O.J. Simpson thing” despite the pain of his bitter divorce fight with wife Linda.

Hogan’s lawyer said the quotes leaked to a gossip column have been taken out of context and the full article proves Hogan “never condones the O.J. situation.”

A spokesman for Linda Hogan said the statement amounts to a death threat and that her attorney is “weighing all options necessary to protect his client.”

“His violent and scary mood swings have been my nightmare for too many years,” Linda Hogan said Thursday in a written statement. “I hope for the sake of our kids that he gets the psychological help for himself and the safety of others.”

Her spokesman, Gary Smith, said, “For those who buy his claim the comment was taken out of context, read the rest of Rolling Stone and determine for yourself if his suicidal tendencies coupled with the use of drugs and alcohol make him a danger.”

The controversial quote is part of a eight-page feature article about Hogan to be published in the magazine’s Friday edition.

Hogan lawyer David Houston said that quote was “part of a larger conversation to exemplify degrees of emotional turmoil.”

I really don’t see how the quote could be taken out of context and to me, it really sounds like he does condone O.J. and everything he did. I don’t really think that Hulk Hogan would ever do anything to Linda. I think he’s too stupid and too worried about what the public thinks of him. I think this is just him once again taking whatever little is left of his spotlight and using it to say really, really, really stupid things. Just to be safe though, I don’t really blame her for getting some protection.

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