Tim Roth is a Victim of Child Abuse

If you don’t know who Tim Roth is, shame on you. Okay, I take it back. Truth it, I didn’t know who he was until the new show Lie to Me came out this season and I fell in love with his lead character, who seems to see your entire soul just by looking at you. It wasn’t until this story came out that I made the connection to his character in Reservoir Dogs, a character who eventually gets killed in the movie.

Roth has recently given an interview with The Daily Mail and has spoken about some of his characters, the state of the economy and most importantly, how he was abused as a teenager. He also talks about how he was bullied in school and so, was also a victim there. It’s so strange for me to hear this side of him since he has always played the tough-guy type and has never seemed anything close to a victim in my eyes. Just goes to show, ya never know. From Gossip Rocks,

“I used to get beaten up at school because I was wimpy.
I know on screen I’ve got this reputation for being handy, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. I think if you’re the one being beaten up, you recognise the danger signals and get out of the way. You’ll probably find that a lot of tough guys on screen have usually been on the receiving end of violence, so they know the signs and can translate it on film. My strategy was simple: I just used to run.

I’m a victim of child abuse.
It happened during my childhood up to my early teens and although I’m not going to say who it was, he’s long gone now – and I hasten to add it wasn’t my father or mother. Things happen to you in your life, but you don’t want to consider yourself to be a victim – you want to be a survivor and the first thing that helps you do that and helps you get through it is speaking and finding your voice. I’d been wanting to direct a film for years and told my agent to start looking for a script. The first one that came through the door was the one for The War Zone. If you are a survivor of abuse and you get the opportunity to tell a story about that subject, then you can really get in there and tell the truth. It was a fantastic chance for me to exorcise a lot of demons. I’m very proud of the film and proud of the fact that it’s even been used as a teaching tool.”

There’s no doubt that Roth has a lot to be proud of. I admire celebrities that come out and speak on subjects that are so personal, and so painful, for them. I suppose that Tim Roth has gotten his wish. Like I said, I definitely never would have thought of him as any kind of victim before reading this story but now I definitely will look at him as a survivor. It’s definitely changed the way I’ll watch that wonderful, wonderful show every Wednesday night.

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