Mariah’s Got to Blame Something on That Dress!

I often wonder if Mariah Carey looks at herself in a mirror before she leaves her house and apparently, she has proven me correct by showing us all that she in fact, does not. She was out this past Sunday at Easter brunch with her husband and whipping boy, Nick Cannon and it seems that some generous paparazzi took a snapshot to remember the joyous occasion. It was then that Mariah saw the horrifying dress she had chosen to wear and then decided that she would blame ‘pregnancy rumors’ on this horrible wardrobe choice. Of course, Mariah had been in the middle of these rumors anyway lately but I didn’t anyone hear reporting that they saw a ‘bump’ and then showing these pics. I think Mariah just really needs an excuse for dressing so badly. From US,

“Mariah Carey insists she is not pregnant: She was just wearing a bad outfit.

On Easter Sunday, Carey was Carey was photographed in a tight, peach dress with husband Nick Cannon.

Blogs soon began speculating that she was pregnant.

“I don’t know what was worse, the bleak angles and bright peach dress … or the b.s. commentary/blogs,” she says (via Twitter).

Although “Nick looked cute” in the photos, she says she “could’ve definitely lived without” seeing the pictures. (She also admits that her “dress and hair” were not suitablefor the “red carpet.”)

She added, “And if I gained a few pounds.. my trainers back living with me again.”

I don’t see anything that resembles a baby bump in this pic and as for what’s worse, what can I tell you Mariah? I think the only thing that’s worse than all of us talking about how freakin ugly that dress is, is the fact that you chose to wear it in the first place! I wouldn’t go blaming us.

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