Is Angelina Really Pregnant?

Rumors have been going around that Angelina Jolie is pregnant with Baby #7 for her and Brad Pitt ever since she popped out those twins last summer. But something about this particular rumor has me thinking that it could actually be true. Maybe it’s because the time frame between the twins and another pregnancy would have enough shock value right now without being unbelievable, which Brangelina is waaaay into, or maybe it’s because their supposed reasonings for having this child are so stupid, that to me it sounds like just the kind of thing that they would do. From Daily Blabber,

“”Yes, Angie is pregnant,” a family insider tells Star. “They’d been trying for another baby for months, but it was still a total shock when she found out. Brad and Angie have been fighting so much lately, it just didn’t seem possible.”

Especially since Star just reported that they were sleeping in separate bedrooms after Angie caught Brad comforting the nanny.

“It happened just in time, because things were getting pretty ugly between them,” says one source.

The mag says Angie is about two and a half months along and is just over the moon at the thought of another little one.

“She’s thrilled. She said she knew she was pregnant before the test confirmed it!” Star’s source said.”

I’m not saying that I believe this story 100%, it is coming from Star after all and they have been, *ahem*, less than reputable in the past. But it wouldn’t surprise me that Brad and Angelina would think that having a baby smack dab in the middle of marital problems would be a good idea. I wonder what they’ll do once Angie-baby is past child-bearing age and they’ve adopted every child in the world and then they start having marital problems. What to do then?

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#1 Belinda on 04.21.09 at 11:41 am

From all the magazine articles on the newstands, people are led to believe this couple is a unstable one. Having a baby right now probably will not help their relationship if they honestly have all these issues.
Angelina should marry Brad if they keep having babies.
Professional help for her doesn’t seem like a bad idea either. As I understand it, she is hardly home, working all the time in films. This is the tragedy of it all, she can afford to support children financially, but she doesn’t spend the emotional time with them. When one has children, isn’t it logical to assume they would want to also nuture them, and be there for them. It is a total sacrifice, an unconditional love. Angelina and Brad, its your life in the end, and you can afford as much children as you like, but why have them suffering from lack of attention because both of you don’t have the time to spend with them. Wow, it is a sad statement for our society when two role models for a lot of our youth behave so irresponsibly.

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