Bump Check: Nicole Richie

I think the last time Nicole Richie was spotted out in public with her newest bun in the oven and people made a big deal out of it, she was just barely, kinda, almost, not really even showing. But last week, she was seen out running about in a small black tank and that wee little bump she has was clearly visible. And perhaps she was out on this particular day shopping for some of the ‘strange’ food cravings the pregnancy is giving her? From Gossip Girls,

“A source tells, “Nicole has been craving very strange food combination recently and it’s all because of her pregnancy. But, if she has a craving, she tries to satisfy it because she knows it is what the baby wants and her body needs. She’s been very healthy and eating foods with plenty of vitamins—like watermelon and mangoes.”

I never realized that watermelon and mangoes were such weird foods but I suppose when you’re pregnant, or your friend is, everything about it seems kind of strange at the time. As for Nicole only allowing pure and rich foods to enter her sacred temple of a body, it doesn’t really surprise me.

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