Is Angelina Really Pregnant?

Rumors have been going around that Angelina Jolie is pregnant with Baby #7 for her and Brad Pitt ever since she popped out those twins last summer. But something about this particular rumor has me thinking that it could actually be true. Maybe it’s because the time frame between the twins and another pregnancy would have enough […]

Mariah’s Got to Blame Something on That Dress!

I often wonder if Mariah Carey looks at herself in a mirror before she leaves her house and apparently, she has proven me correct by showing us all that she in fact, does not. She was out this past Sunday at Easter brunch with her husband and whipping boy, Nick Cannon and it seems that some generous […]

Bump Check: Nicole Richie

I think the last time Nicole Richie was spotted out in public with her newest bun in the oven and people made a big deal out of it, she was just barely, kinda, almost, not really even showing. But last week, she was seen out running about in a small black tank and that wee little […]

Just Another Reason to Love Kate!

Kate Winslet has had a very busy start to her year, first winning two Golden Globes and then winning an Oscar and as the red carpets are rolled back up for next year, Kate is taking some down-time as well and showing us a side to herself that we all too rarely get to see! This pic […]

Tim Roth is a Victim of Child Abuse buy flowers near me

If you don’t know who Tim Roth is, shame on you. Okay, I take it back. Truth it, I didn’t know who he was until the flower shop hamilton delivery and the new show Lie to Me came out this season and I fell in love with his lead character, who seems to see your entire soul […]