Amy’s Off the Hook but Blake Jumps On

The whole entire world can stop wondering whether or not Amy Winehouse is going to get back together with her no-good, drug addict husband that she has been on and off with ever since he went to prison on assault charges and then went back for parole violation. Amy meanwhile, was soaking up the rays in […]

Max is Finally at Home!

Almost a month after he was born, little Max, one of the newest sons of Charlie Sheen, is finally at home where he belongs, with his dad and mom, Brooke Mueller, and his twin brother, Bob. Max needed to stay in the hospital a little  while longer than his brother just so he could beef up a […]

Gibson to get Gouged in his Divorce

Madonna Takes her Sob Storyto the Press

It seems to me ever since Madonna had been denied custody of little Mercy James from Malawi, that she has been doing everything she could to get Mercy into the States, where according to Madonna, Mercy belongs. She took the usual steps we would expect such as putting in an appeal with the Supreme Court but she has […]

Chris Brown’s Reps Deny that He’s Dating Anyone

So is Chris Brown hooked up with Natalie Mejia, the lead in Pussycat Dolls: Girlicious, or not? Folks from Brown’s side are saying that he’s not dating Mejia or anyone else but Mejia seems to think differently. She doesn’t come right out and say that they’re dating but she doesn’t really deny it either. What she does say is that […]