Pink and Carey Hart are Officially Back Together

I can’t stand on-again/off-again celebrity hookups…except for when it’s an unusually special couple…but this one with Pink and Carey Hart bores me and yet, irritates me at the same time. It bores me because these types of relationships bore me in general and it irritates me because these two clearly can’t make up their minds and it all seems so rushed and Pink’s and Carey’s actions both seem pretty flaky. While I would expect Pink to do pretty much anything, acting like a flake is not one of them. But love does truly make you stupid sometimes. From Daily Blabber,

“Pink and Carey Hart, who split in 2008, are working things out!

“We’re rebuilding,” the motocross racer told, of his relationship with the singer. “Sometimes you have to take a couple of steps backwards to move forward.”

“We’re definitely putting in work,” he added.

The couple were married in 2006, and after splitting two years later, they found themselves still very drawn to each other. They have been seen hanging out together a lot in the last few months, while Carey starred in Pink’s video for “So What.”

And the biker seems to have nothing but respect for his girl’s work ethic.

“The thing about Pink is she’s so dedicated to her fans and putting on amazing live shows,” Carey said. “She might not see the record success of a Britney Spears but the girl sells a hell of a lot of albums. She’s incredible.”

I don’t know….why is it necessary to compare her album sales to Britney when you’re talking about what an amazing show she puts on? Doesn’t Pink herself say in ‘Don’t Let Me Get Me’ that she’s tired of being compared to damned Britney Spears? See? These two just have no idea what they want, or what they’re talking about. But they do seem to have something between them despite the ridiculousness of it all so perhaps they are perfect for each other.

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