All the Fuss over Carrie’s Acceptance Speech

Carrie Underwood certainly made her presence known at the Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday, as she always does, and this time she did it by taking home the Entertainer of the Year award. This made news for many reasons, mostly because she’s only the 7th woman ever in the history of the awards to win the award and because she wrested it away from Kenny Chesney, who had he won, been the winner for 5 years in a row. But this huge accomplishment was all overshadowed by Carrie’s own acceptance speech. Two things came from that speech – Carrie went public with her relationship with Mike Fisher and she embarrassed herself, in separate comments.

When thanking everyone that was important in her life, including her family and God, Carrie also thanked her beau-hunk, Fisher, who plays center for the Ottawa Senators. I missed out on seeing Carrie accept her award but you can clearly hear her beaming through the quote. From US, 

“When the former American Idol champ won for Entertainer of the Year, she used her acceptance speech to tell her boyfriend, Ottawa Senators hockey player Mike Fisher, that she missed him.

“Mike, baby, I wish you were here!” Underwood said.”

So not only did she confirm to everyone that she is indeed dating the hottie hockey player (because being seen at the games wasn’t enough) but it also seems to be quite serious. I mean, to get a shout-out during one of the biggest moments of her life, that’s really something. Someone else got a shout-out too but this one, Carrie really just wishes everyone would forget. 

This remark was made to Matthew McConaughey, in an effort to show that she has a sense of humor and listens to what her colleagues are saying, even when she’s on the edge of her seat just waiting for them to open that envelope. What happened was that Matt told a light-hearted story about boots and Carrie made a somewhat, very subtle, very innocent, remark about wanting to see his boots. Now I suppose the wholething has gone so far that she needs to apologize for her comment. From FOXNews,

“Carrie Underwood was overwhelmed to have won “Entertainer of the Year” at the American Country Music Awards on Sunday night, but the moment did turn a little mortifying when she made a sexual reference joke to wanting to see Matthew McConaughey’s “boots” in her acceptance speech.

The Texas-born actor presented Underwood with the big award, but before his official duties he entertained the audience with a story on how he and his brother once took a road trip thru Texas to see Dwight Yoakam perform. While there the brothers tried to “pick up” a few ladies by telling them that they made a livin’ exclusively custom-making George Strait’s boots.

“We’re like, ‘Oh yeah. Say, as I a matter of fact, out in the parking lot, in the trunk of our white Corvette, we have the next year’s new edition white ostrich quill George Strait signed series that he’s gonna wear on tour next year.’ And they got pretty excited about that and said, ‘Well, can we see? Can we see? Can we see?'” McConaughey told the audience. “And we obliged … Point of the story is, we got lucky that night. Thank you, George.”
After taking the trophy from McConaughey, a tearful Underwood caused jaws to drop when she said:

“I don’t know what to say. I got nothin’ … I want to see those boots, Matthew.” (The audience erupted into laughter but somehow we don’t think his leading lady, Camila Alves, was so amused). And clearly, Carrie regretted the spur-of-the-moment sexual advance.

“I’m so embarrassed, I totally embarrassed myself. I just blanked,” Underwood told Tarts backstage, burying her head in her hands. “You want to say something eloquent in a moment like that and I embarrassed myself. I’m sorry Matthew, I’m sorry to my family. I’m totally embarrassed.”

I really hope that this is just a case of Ms. Underwood being a proper Southern belle and making apologies when really none are necessary and that she wasn’t actually forced to give this apology. There’s really nothing to apologize for and she really has no reason to be embarrassed. Don’t worry, Carrie, you’re always eloquent…and stunning….and perfect with Mike Fisher….

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#1 Liz on 04.23.09 at 8:08 am

THANK YOU!! Everyone I know that saw the awards says that she “meant” it to come across as a racy joke and she should be embarassed. So far, you are the ONLY other person who feels she had no reason to apologize. People are just reading too much into it, really. Love Carrie, but she’s not exactly known for saying things like that with those intentions. Like the Brad Paisley thing. “I woulda grabbed it! Oh, I mean grabbed my phone!” hahaha she’s too funny.

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