Mandy and Ryan take a Newlywed Stroll

Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams will celebrate their one-month anniversary as a married couple this Friday and last week, they were seen taking a nice stroll in Rumyon Canyon, which is in the Hollywood Hills. The two were married in a small church in the countryside, in a secret ceremony no less, and have yet to take a honeymoon. Moore, however, is happy to just be married. From Gossip Girls,

“And though Miss Moore and her rocker hubby have not yet been on a honeymoon, Mandy is just fine with it.

The songstress told E!, “We’ll have to talk about it. I’m happy being home. Home is a honeymoon enough for me!”

Aw, isn’t that sweet? The whole thing does seem picture-perfect up to this point and Mandy and Ryan both seem like they are so over-the-top in love with each other. Is this really just a honeymoon period, or are these two really going to last? I guess only time will tell but I’m always doubtful of things that seem just too, too perfect. Hopefully, this really is the real-life fairy tale that it looks to be.

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#1 Chrissy on 04.07.09 at 6:24 am

It’s interesting there are no pictures of the wedding. No witnesses. No evidence. No documents. No… nothing. Well, she’s an old show business pro so don’t anyone be surprised if it turns out to be a real fairy tale, know what I’m saying. LOL

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