Madonna Files Appeal and Leaves Malawi

It was Saturday, the very next day that Madonna was denied permission to adopt Mercy James, that Madonna had already put in her appeal with the decision to the Supreme Court. What grounds she gave for the appeal I have no idea as the reason for the denial was that adoptive parents must live in the country for 18-24 months was the reason for the denial. Soooo…unless she’s prepared to do that, I don’t know what reason she could give for being allowed to have an exception made for her. Oh that’s right, she’s Madonna and people aren’t allowed to say no to her. Maybe that’s what she told the Supreme Court. Either way, it doesn’t look as though the decision on the appeal will be made any time soon as Madonna, along with her daughter Lourdes, were seen leaving Malawi early yesterday. From US,

“Madonna has already filed her appeal following the judge’s ruling that she can’t adopt Mercy James, her lawyer confirms.

“We are very surprised with this ruling,” Alan Chinula tells Us.

On Wednesday, Chinula told Us he didn’t see “any law in Malawi that [could] stop” the adoption. But Judge Esme Chombo cited requirements that adoptive parents reside in the country for 18 to 24 months.

Human rights groups — which had charged Madonna was using her celebrity status to bypass laws — are cheering the decision.

“The judge has sent the right message that we have laws in Malawi that have to be respected,” Undule Mwakusungura, the chairman of the Human Rights Consultative Committee, tells Us.

“We can’t just have people flying in and out with our children without procedure,” he adds.

In her ruling, the judge points out Madonna arrived in Malawi just last Sunday, and hadn’t been in the country since she adopted David Banda, 3, in 2006.

“Madonna may have the best interests for the girl but pedophiles may take advantage of adopting here if we allow procedures to be bent,” added HRCC Executive director Mabvuto Bamusi.”

I’m not so sure that I agree that allowing Madonna to adopt Mercy James would have set off some sort of pedophile spree but I do think it’s interesting that Madonna hasn’t been back to the country in 3 years, since her adoption of David Banda. No wonder the boy didn’t recognize his own father on this trip. Maybe he would have if Madge had seen it appropriate to let David Banda continue to visit his home country and learn about his own culture. I find that fact really disappointing and the fact that she thinks that laws should be bent just because of who she is, it’s an outrage.

This pic of Madonna and Lourdes was taken as they made their way out of a Malawian airport yesterday.

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