Lilo and Sam Seem to be Over for Good

Lindsay Lohan has been denying rumors that she and her girlfriend, Samantha Ronson, have broken up ever since they first came out as a couple. But this time, it’s going to be pretty hard to deny. Not only did Sam throw a blow-out bash this weekend where her sister was the guest of honor and huge celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie. and Shenae Grimes attended, but Lindsay was not allowed through the doors. Sam apparently had not only left her off the guest list but made specific instructions that her ex was not allowed to join the party. Lindsay later stated reasons for ‘not going to the party’ but the fact remains that she did go but she wasn’t allowed in. This picture was actually taken of her sitting dejectedly in her car after having an argument with the bouncers. From Pop Sugar,

“The Ronson family gathered at Bar Marmont in LA on Friday to celebrate Charlotte’s I Heart Ronson JCPenney collection. Celebrity guests included Nicole Richie, the Hilton Sisters and Rashida Jones, but noticeably absent was Lindsay Lohan. Samantha apparently banned Lindsay from coming but LL still tried and had to be restrained by five bouncers at the door when she showed up. Despite the drama, Sam kept busy with her music as their mom Ann Dexter-Jones snapped photos and Mark helped provide the tunes.”

Although Lindsay states that she didn’t ‘attend’ the party because she doesn’t get along with Sam’s sister, the above wasone of the pics that was taken of Lindsay after it had been made clear that she wasn’t invited to the party.

But that’s not the only thing that Lindsay’s in denial about. Samantha, after banning Lindsay from attending her party, also changed the locks on her house so that Lindsay wouldn’t be able to get in. From Celebitchy,

“Lindsay Lohan has denied she has been thrown out of the house she shares with girlfriend Samantha Ronson following a row.

A locksmith was pictured at Samantha’s Hollywood Hills home – which she has been sharing with Lindsay for the past six months – changing the locks on Friday by

But the actress told the paparazzi website’s phpotographers [sic] at the weekend: “We changed the locks because people like you were trying to break in.”

Umm…I don’t remember hearing anything about people trying to break into Samantha Ronson’s place so why she would suddenly become worried about it enough to invite a locksmith over, I have no idea. Lindsay’s behavior really is getting more and more pathetic and while I once rooted for her too, to come out of all the drama and bullcrap, it doesn’t seem as though that’s going to happen. She can’t even accept that her girlfriend dumped her, for god’s sakes.

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