Britney’s Continuing Troubles

Britney Spears just can’t cut a break. No matter how hard she works or how many improvements she’s made in her personal life, it seems that there’s always someone out to trash her. This time, it comes from two different directions. One, is not surprising and comes from the sister of Sam Lufti, who Britney currently has a restraining order against. Apparently, she’s testifying in court that Britney doesn’t actually want to stop contact with Sam and that Britney also asked Christina Lufti, Sam’s sister, to sneak her a cell phone – for the specific purposes of calling Sam. Of course, this is coming from Sam’s sister and she’s no doubt just doing whatever she thinks is best to protect her brother. From Daily Blabber, “

“[Britney] told me she wanted to get a hold of Sam,” Christina Lufti, 25, told the court. “She wanted him to help her find a lawyer, and wanted someone to get a prepaid cell phone to her. She was scared because her father was blackmailing her with visitation rights over her kids.”

Brit and Christina supposedly met in a sauna in a hotel gym, where the girl gave Britney a cell phone, telling her it was from Sam and the pop star’s ex Adnan Ghalib. Britney hid the phone in her locker and, according to Christina, asked, “Will Sam be able to help me?'”

The phone was later found byBrit’s security guard and taken away (like she’s some criminal — or a baby!).

Jamie Spears’ laywer Blair Berk is singing a different tune. The attorney says Britney “was in such fear [of Sam], she asked if I could get him arrested, to keep him away from her,” and denies that the singer was seeking outside legal help.”

If I had heard this story even a year ago, I may have believed it. It can’t be much fun for Brit to be under her dad’s complete control and need things like allowances. However, it seems as though she has come to understand that this is what’s best for her right now and I think she has truly seen the light regarding Sam Lufti and all of his wrongdoings. I think if Britney were to be given the chance to get out from under her father’s conservatorship and truly make a go of things on her own, she’d prove that she’s just not this kind of stupid.

But legal battles aren’t the only problems that Britney’s having. StevieNicks who is the iconic singer and face of the band, Fleetwood Mac, has just public released some pretty harsh statements regarding Britney Spears and her ‘easy’ rise to fame. From Contact Music,

“FLEETWOOD MAC frontwoman STEVIE NICKS has blasted BRITNEY SPEARS – insisting the pop singer has never had to work hard for her career.
Nicks, whose hedonistic lifestyle in the 1970s and 80s saw her labelled as one of rock’s craziest characters, is not convinced Spears’ tumultuous past qualifies her as a real music icon and claims the singer hasn’t put in the hours she did as an upcoming artist.
She tells U.S. TV show Extra, “You have to pay your dues to be a real rock star. It’s different in that Britney did not join a band when she was 18 and practice every day for five hours Monday through Friday and then play gigs Friday, Saturday and Sunday.”

I love Stevie Nicks but I really don’t think she understands what Britney did to get as famous as she is. She didn’t just record ‘Hit Me Baby…One More Time’ one day, wake up the next and was a superstar. She did God knows how many auditions and things that we don’t even know about and was in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. While this may seem silly, that’s gotta be a lot of work for a kid that young. Along with all of this, she has a mother that was undoubtedly pushing, pushing, pushing her daughter to get into some kind of show business.

But regardless of whether or not Britney worked hard to get where she was initially, she’s worked extremely hard to get back there. She had to let the entire world see her at her very worst and she’s come back from it and has revived her music career, along with making serious strides in her personal health and life. I just don’t like to see someone else, especially someone who’s such a public and loved figure such as Stevie Nicks, come down so hard on Brit and act as though she’s so much better than her.

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#1 Sarah on 07.25.09 at 3:42 pm

Ya i think Britney Spears has problems, but hey who doesn’t. I think the people who make fun of her are just trying to use funny jokes about other people to block out their problems.

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