Someone Finally Says ‘No!’ to Madonna

The controversy surrounding her latest Malawian adoption ended this morning as Madonna was officially denied permission from the courts and Malawian government to adopt Mercy James, the 3-year-old that Madge was hoping to take home. According to , the rejection of the adoption didn’t have so much to do with Mercy’s maternal grandmother (who last week accused Madonna of ‘stealing’ children), as much as it had to do with the fact that Madonna’s adoption could open the door for an influx of ‘child trafficking’ problems. That I can definitely see, there are some crazies that would consider it ‘cool’ to get a Malawian child simply because Madonna did but I think the bigger issue is that they actually weren’t going to let her bend the rules simply because she’s, well, Madonna. From Pop Sugar,

“Madonna’s adoption bid for 3-year-old Mercy James was rejected by a judge in Malawi earlier today. Malawian adoption rules require that a parent live in the country for at least 18 months ahead of an adoption, though this residency regulation was waived with David Banda.

The singer did not attend court today, but was apparently very upset when she heard the news. She can appeal to the Supreme Court, but her lawyer did not give details yet about whether this is something she wants to do. Madonna had a pre-adoption party last night in Malawi, and the rejection must be a big disappointmentfor her as she expected to take Mercy home soon.”

What kind of person doesn’t go to their own adoption hearing? Did she honestly think that was going to make the courts look more favorably upon her? The fact that she couldn’t even be bothered to attend? I have no doubt that she will appeal to the Supreme Court. Madonna isn’t really one to shrug her shoulders in defeat and walk away.

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