Jennifer Hudson’s Wedding Gown

Ever since deciding it was time to go ahead with her wedding plans, Jennifer Hudson has been busy planning every last detail. First and foremost of course, is the dress. So who will she be wearing and just what does Jennifer Hudson’s dream wedding gown looklike? Jennifer Hudson will be wearing a Hudson, meaning that she plans to design it herself. And it’s going to be ‘traditional but classy.’ I’m not too sure what that means. Does that mean that Hudson thinks that traditional dresses have no elegance to them or that they’re trash? I’m most likely being over-critical as I’m really not a huge Jennifer Hudson fan. From Rhymes with Snitch,

“Jennifer Hudson who recently set her wedding date, has decided to design her own wedding gown. She says, “I’m gonna design my own dress. I want to design it… Definitely classic, more traditional than anything. I want it to be nice and traditional, but very classy, very classy.”

I actually really love the idea of a bride designing her own gown. It allows them to show their personality and truly make it the gown of their dreams. But having seen Jennifer’s past fashion choices, I’m questioning as to whether or not I’m going to love, love this gown. I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

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#1 eden on 10.09.11 at 3:57 am

she is so coolllllllllllllllllllllllll

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