Ugh! He’s Just so Juvenile! (and gay)

John Mayer really makes me want to throw up. First he plays the part of Jennifer Aniston’s boyfriend so he can squeeze out what little fame he can and then when they break up – the first time! – he goes right to reporters to talk about how it wasn’t Jen’s fault and how she’s such a good person. Never mind the fact that she actually didn’t need him to stick up for her at the time. Now, they’ve broken up once again and he’s totally trashing her! And where is he doing this? On a cruise (*ahem* no mention what type of cruise) where he was performing while wearing what can only be described as a gay sailor suit. But if that’s not enough to convince you that Jen, and all John’s many, many other women, were just beards, he also recently admitted to the make-out session that was rumored to have happened between him and Perez Hilton. ‘Blech!’ to that image in my head! From US,

“Weeks after splitting with Jennifer Aniston, John Mayer debuted a new tune, titled “Heartbreak Warfare,” on his recent five-day cruise, Us Weekly reports in its latest issue, out today.

Before performing the song on March 28, he told the 3,000 fans aboard the Mayercraft Carrier 2, “It’s miserable being around someone who’s negative.”

He then began singing the song, which includes such lyrics as: “If you want more love, why don’t you say so?”

It wasn’t Mayer’s only jaw-dropping moment: He also confessed to making out with celeb blogger Perez Hilton, who has bashed Aniston numerous times on his website. (Us Weekly reported on the same-sex smoochlast year, but Mayer declined to comment at the time.)

“F–k yeah, I made out with Perez,” he told the crowd. “I just wanted to prove that I’m a sicker f–k than he is. I’ll [have sex with him] until he runs away screaming just to prove a point.”

That’s a really nice way to talk about someone and it’s also a very mature thing, to have sex with anybody just to prove a point. I can’t even believe that he would have the nerve to trash Jen after all the crap that she put up with in that relationship! Maybe she wouldn’t be so negative if she could be sure that she was dating someone that couldn’t stop themselves from Twittering, and talking about poop, and wanting to jump everything in a skirt, while apparently also wanting to make out with anything in pants. What an idiot! I don’t even know what else there is to say about this moron. I really, really, really wish that John Mayer would just goaway, drop off the face of the earth, and that we would never have to listen to his mindless drivel ever, ever again.

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