Some Women let Chris Brown get Close to Them watermelon smoothies recipes

Okay, this is messed up. Chris Brown has once again been spending his time showing absolutely no remorse, or even trying to keep a low-profile while his legal troubles from beating the seedless smoothies and the crap out of watermelon smoothie recipe without yogurt and of Rihanna still hang over his head. This time, he was caught […]

What a surprise! Brad and Angelina aren’t Picture-Perfect Parents!

One of the things that has always bothered me so much about Brangelina is the fact that they think they are so much better than everyone else. They have a gazillion kids, that they make sure all get one-on-one quality time, and they’re able to do it while making bazillion dollar movies and don’t forget how […]

Ugh! He’s Just so Juvenile! (and gay)

John Mayer really makes me want to throw up. First he plays the part of Jennifer Aniston’s boyfriend so he can squeeze out what little fame he can and then when they break up – the first time! – he goes right to reporters to talk about how it wasn’t Jen’s fault and how she’s such a […]

It’s a Party of Three for Scott Wolfe! florist delivery

Scott Wolfe and his wife, Kelley, have made it a party of flower shop in oakville and of three when they recently welcomed a bouncing baby boy to what I think might be a growing brood. Scott, who is always so lovable, released a statement through his reps and you can hear his beaming smile and picture […]