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I think Madonna thinks that it’s the 1980s and that she’s a 20-something pop star that needs to be constantly making headlines and stirring up controversy that has people talking. While it was cute at the time, she’s much older now and it’s just not flying with me. Much to my own disappointment, because I once really liked the woman. But she is making daily headlines, and she’s not being cast in the nicest light. First there was her affair with A-Rod, her subsequent divorce from Guy Ritchie, her grotesque relationship with Jesus Luz, not to mention her most recent trouble with the Malawian government, over her pending adoption. On top of all of this, now her personal staff is also leaving her to fend for herself as they have also tired of Madge’s controlling ways. From Pop Crunch,

“Five members of Madonna’s staff have hit the Material Girl with letters of resignation amid claims that the singing star demands too much of her employees.

Personal assistants Johanna Edholm, Denise Lamberston, nannies Elodie and Angela Jacobson, and driver Alistair Mitchell have handed parted company with The Material Mom, citing long working hours as their primary reason for their departure, Britain’s PEOPLE reports.

The walkout comes as a huge blow to Madonna, who arrives in the Central African nation of Malawi today to adopt a new child.

“Madonna’s relied on the nannies to care for her kids whenever she is working. All Madonna’s employees work incredibly long hours,” says one source.

“Bank holidays are normal working days and there’s no special allowance for Christmas,” another insider added. “Her attitude is she is a superstar and is expected to work, so why shouldn’t her staff?”

“They don’t really have a life of their own.”

Sheesh! I guess the woman just never learns that you can’t tryto change or control people and push them around like they’re yesterday’s trash, and still expect them to stick around you. Good luck, Madonna, trying to find somebody to put up with your crap!

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