It’s True! Jennifer’s Love is with Jamie!

When Jamie Kennedy made his radio announcement that he was knockin boots with Jennifer Love Hewitt, I thought he was being funny and teasing the media about the crazy rumors that are constantly made up. Normally, I wouldn’t think so but Hewitt just broke it off with her fiance Ross McCall over the Christmas holidays and while it’s understandably a huge hit to take personally, her friends and family also talked about how destroyed she was by the split. But it seems that her heart mended quickly as the rumor about Jennifer and Jamie was never rumor at all. They’re together and she is busy nursing him back to health. From Gossip Girls,

“Busying herself with an afternoon of chores, Jennifer Love Hewitt was spotted dropping by her mom’s house to pick up some laundry detergent yesterday (March 29).

The “Ghost Whisperer” starlet fully embraced the impending spring season by going barefoot, looking cute in a powder blue dress as she hopped into her Bentley.

In related news, J. Love has been taking good care of her boyfriend Jamie Kennedy as he’s been recovering from some issues with kidney stones.

A source told press, “He had comedy shows scheduled in Boston, but he canceled them because of his kidney stones. He felt better later in the day and went home, but on Thursday he started hurting again and he went back to the hospital.”

I do like Kennedy so much better than I liked McCall but something about this just doesn’t seem right to me. When McCall and Love broke up, no one really knew why and the official statements from their reps included name-calling and throwing insults around. It makes me think that Kennedy had something to do with the breakup, even if he only had a small piece of Love’s heart at the time. Or was she actually seeing him behind McCall’s back? Hmm…so scandalous for Jennifer Love!

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