It’s True! Jennifer’s Love is with Jamie!

When Jamie Kennedy made his radio announcement that he was knockin boots with Jennifer Love Hewitt, I thought he was being funny and teasing the media about the crazy rumors that are constantly made up. Normally, I wouldn’t think so but Hewitt just broke it off with her fiance Ross McCall over the Christmas holidays and while it’s […]

Another Celebrity Mom tries to Make Rich

Celebrity families sure don’t operate as normal families do. Not only must you worry about every little thing you do ending up in a tell-all book but grandparents also don’t worry about spending time with their grandkids going to the park or baking cookies. Rather, that’s not what they’ll miss should they lose out on […]

Your Daily Madge

I think Madonna thinks that it’s the 1980s and that she’s a 20-something pop star that needs to be constantly making headlines and stirring up controversy that has people talking. While it was cute at the time, she’s much older now and it’s just not flying with me. Much to my own disappointment, because I once […]