Winehouse is Lost Once Again

Although she has been reported lately to be relatively clean of drugs since her extended vacation down in St. Lucia, Amy Winehouse’s latest statements about her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, have some thinking that she may be back on the dope after all. Or maybe it’s just me. She has not been hesitant in the past couple of weeks opening her mouth and spouting about how much she loves Blake and how she will not walk away from the marriage, nor was she willing to let him do the same. This much to her parents’ dismay, I’m sure as they have been just as vocal about how bad Blake is for their daughter. But they may not have to worry after all. According to Amy’s last Facebook status, she’s ready to let go. From Hindustan Times,

“British singer Amy Winehouse seems to have changed her mind about her husband Blake Fielder-Civil, showing signs that she was now ready to let go of the relationship.

Winehouse recently changed her Facebook status, saying “if you love him, let him go”, reports

In the recent past, she had repeatedly claimed that she would strive to work on the marriage and maybe even give up her music career to be with her husband.”

Amy and Blake both change their minds so often about how they feel about their spouse that it’s not even really worth reporting anymore. What wasactually most interesting about the article was that it later went on to say that Amy was recently caught outside of her home in London and when approached by paparazzi, she actually didn’t throw a fit and try to attack any of them. She just said that she was going to the doctor. Wow, maybe Amy’s getting better after all.

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