Shocking Reese Behavior

While Reese Witherspoon has had her fair share of headlines regarding her love life, this story isn’t actually one of them. I’m posting it anyways simply because, it’s so shocking to hear about Reese acting in a way that’s anything other than calm, cool, fun, and of course, the ever-doting mother. But even Reese has her days and it seems that just last week, she had a very Nicole Richie moment herself. From Gossip Girls,

“Not in the best of moods on this particular day, a slightly peeved Reese Witherspoon was spotted making her way around Santa Monica on Saturday (March 28).

Yelling at paparazzi following closeby, the 33-year-old actress allegedly grabbed up one of the shutterbug’s camera’s – unwilling to give it back as she made her way to her nearby car.

The weekend outing coincides with the recent release of Reese’s new animated flick, “Monsters vs. Aliens” – which hit theaters just yesterday.

Asked what drew her to the film, the bubbly blonde replied: “Its message. I think it’s great that this movie has a message that no matter how weird you feel you definitely have a place in this world and sometimes that can be your greatest benefit. I thought it was a great evolution of a character who starts out as sort of this 1950s, very innocent, sweet girl and she has to find her inner strength to realize she has to be responsible for herself and ultimately save herself and save the world.”

So I guess when Reese has got a scowl on her face, the paps may want to stay clear. At least she didn’t hit him, throw the camera at him, or drive over his foot, as we all have known celebrities to do in the past. What I like about this story so much is that it makes Reese out to be an actual person and while she always seems so down-to-earth anyways, she does at the same time usually play the part of the happy, bubbly blonde. It’s good to see that she lets loose with some explicits once in a while, before all of the happiness becomes nauseating. It shows another side of her that I think is important to see, because it’s real.

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