I Can’t Believe They’re Both So Dumb!

Just a few days ago, it was reported that Doug Reinhardt was ready to take things to the next level with his new sweetie-pie, Paris and that he was going to ask her to marry him. When I say ‘new’ sweetie-pie, I mean new. Like, they’ve been dating for two months new. Mostly because of this fact, I shrugged the entire story off thinking that it was just part of the normal slew of garbage that comes out when people start seeing other people. But apparently, the story was true. Not only that but Doug has already proposed and Paris has already blown him off. Well, maybe not exactly. She didn’t really say ‘no’ but, she sure as hell didn’t say yes either! From Pop Crunch,

“Paris Hilton isn’t ready to walk down the aisle with her new boyfriend.

The 28-year-old hotel heiress was less than impressed when Doug Reinhardt, a regular on MTV’s The Hills, got down on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage during a dinner party with her parents, Kathy and Rick, at The Ivy Restaurant in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Hours before the dinner, Doug hinted that he was ready to pull the trigger with a posting on his Twitter page, writing: “I’m about to do something very exciting and life-changing. I’ll announce what happens later.”

Doug, 23, presented Paris with a lavish Lorraine Schwartz engagementring, but the socialite snapped the ring box shut and said she would need time to consider his proposal, Bang Showbiz reports.

The couple were photographed leaving the restaurant together a few hours later. Doug appeared “devastated,” onlookers say.”

I’m tempted to think that Doug simply gave Paris a ring just for being his new gal, and that it had nothing to do with pending nuptials or exchanging vows. Paris, being the spoiled rotten brat that she is most likely didn’t deem is worthy for her precious fingers and snapped it shut. That’s what I’m tempted to believe. Only because, I don’t actually want to believe that they’re both so stupid. Doug for thinking that it’s a good idea to marry anybody after dating them for two months and Paris for thinking that you can tell someone you’ll ‘think about’ marrying them and not have that have a huge negative impact on the relationship. If someone asks you to marry them and you can’t say yes, generally the only other answer is to part ways. It’s too big of a hit for the people, or the relationship, to take.

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