Is This a Violation of Rights or Normal Censorship?

Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor have a movie coming out called I Love You Phillip Morris which features two gay men who both serve time in the same prison and fall in love while there. But there’s a problem. The problem is not that it’s a love story between two men. I mean, we all remember Brokeback Mountain do we not? The problem is that there’s a very explicit love scene between Carrey and McGregor and for this reason, US Cinema is threatening to not release the movie in theaters but instead put it right to DVD. The fact that this love scene takes place within the first 10 minutes of the scene is also supposed to be relevant somehow. From Digital Spy,

“Jim Carrey black comedy I Love You Phillip Morris may not get a US cinema release because it contains an explicit gay sex scene.

Despite securing distribution deals in the UK and Europe, US firms are uneasy with a love scene between Carrey and Ewan McGregor’s character Phillip Morris, reports The Times.

“The depiction of the sexual activity was far more than I’ve ever seen in a mainstream film with a mainstream celebrity,” said Lewis Tice, director of publicity and marketing for TLA Releasing. “There’s a graphic sex scene in the first 10 minutes that I was surprised to see.”

Filmmakers are re-cutting the movie for US distribution companies in an attempt to secure a theatrical release. If no agreement is reached, the movie will go straight to DVD.

“Mostly straight, multiplex-going audiences don’t want to see a romantic comedy in which two dudes get it on; unless it is meant as a joke,” commented Scott Stiffler, author of Why Hollywood Avoids Gay Movies.

I Love You Phillip Morris focuses on real-life con artist Steven Marshall (Carrey), who falls in love with his cellmate (McGregor).”

So is this a violation or somehow prejudice against the gay community? I think to get an answer you have to ask whether it’s being held to the same standards as movies that have explicit sex scenes between a man and a woman. Is it really more than we’ve ever seen in a mainstream film? Because I’ve seen some pretty nasty stuff when I’ve gone to the show a few times. Did Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor really make a porno or does it come down to the fact that it’s two guys and the idea of that makes some people squirm?

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