I Hate Shams!

Just days after news of LeAnn Rimes’ affair with her movie costar, Eddie Cibrian, broke and in the midst of vicious rumors regarding the sexual orientation of LeAnn’s husband, Dean Sheremet, he and his wife step out (pardon the pun) to make out a little, but not without making sure that the paparazzi was nearby to get it all on film. This, just like every other couple that makes a public appearance to show that they’re ‘doing okay’ really gets under my skin. It screams ‘SHAM!’ to me and it all seems like everyone involved is trying too hard. Not to mention that LeAnn has already confirmed that her and Dean are not exactly in lover’s paradise right now and it just makes her seem very confused about what’s going on in her own life. From US, 

“LeAnn Rimes kissed husband Dean Sheremet in front of the paparazzi in L.A. Monday afternoon — days after Us Weekly exclusively reported she was having a steamy affair with her sexy TV movie costar Eddie Cibrian.

Sheremet is also spotted putting his arm around his wife of seven year’s shoulders.

On Thursday, Usmagazine.com published a video showing Rimes and Cibrian kissing and holding hands while she sucked on his fingers during a March 7 date in Calif.

The newest issue of Us Weekly also shows photos of Cibrian and Rimes meeting up for a three-hour tryst March 14 at the Malibu Beach Inn — where the blinds were closed and a do not disturb sign was placed on the door. Cibrian was not wearing his wedding ring.

A woman identifying herself as Sheremet’s “cousin Pebbles” phoned Michigan’s Mojo in the Morning show Friday claiming he “doesn’t care” Rimes had an affair because “he’s gay.” Rimes rep told Us: “There is no known cousin Pebbles.”

I don’t think Sheremet is gay but I do think that LeAnn is in a marriage that is making her unhappy. She was only 19 when she married him and no doubt, had very little knowledge of what she actually wanted out of life, or out of a husband, at such a young age. Maybe Dean is what she wants in a husband but didn’t have time to experience enough before becoming tied down by a wedding ring. I’m not condemning marriage but I do think that her young age does play a part in the whole thing. I just wish that she, and all stars, would be honest with themselves and not try to make us believe that all is well because they get a few shots of them with their arms around each other.

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