Is Doug Going to Propose to Paris?

Well it sure didn’t take long for the rumor mill to get started on the rumors that Paris Hilton is about to become the wife of her newest boyfriend, Doug Reinhardt. Although the two have only been dating for a month, it seems as though Doug is completely smitten with Princess Paris and that he has already asked her dad for permission to marry the young heiress. 

I’m not giving any credit to this story simply because I find it hardto believe that anyone would think that marrying Paris at all, let alone after just a month, is a good idea. But there is no doubt that the two are extremely happy together for the time being anyways. They have been seen out all over town, usually in some sort of face-sucking session or passionate embrace, and it’s said that Paris is even starting with the baby talk, something else obnoxious that she’s known for. From Pop Crunch,

“The Hills reality personaliy Doug Reinhardt, who has been dating the hotel heiress since February, is plotting the perfect time to pop the question to P.H. after asking her father Rick for Paris’ hand in marriage.

Doug intends to propose at Chateau Marmont’s Bungalow 3 hotspot in Hollywood.

“Doug is smitten with Paris and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He’s already found the perfect ring, asked her father for permission and is now waiting for the right time to pop the question.”

What I find mostly funny about this whole situation is the person that Paris has become in this relationship. We all know that Paris takes on whatever face her current beau has or wants her to have – with her ex-fiance Paris Latsis, she adopted his trashy, grunge style; with Benji Madden she became a rocker chic and now with Doug she’s becoming a woman who needs to hold her top up, or have her boyfriend hold it up for her, so she doesn’t display her uglies to the entire world. Not that she cares much. Seriously though, most of the pics I’ve seen with Paris and Doug feature Paris wearing a trashy strapless dress while desperately grabbing at her chest. Hopefully this relationship won’t last too long and her next one will leave hera bit more covered up.

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