Is Doug Going to Propose to Paris?

Well it sure didn’t take long for the rumor mill to get started on the rumors that Paris Hilton is about to become the wife of her newest boyfriend, Doug Reinhardt. Although the two have only been dating for a month, it seems as though Doug is completely smitten with Princess Paris and that he has already asked […]

Jackson Looking to Adopt

I don’t doubt that Michael Jackson  is looking to adopt another child but what I don’t understand is why he would think that anybody would actually grant him the rights to another child. I understand that he was never actually charged with any kind of child abuse but he did settle out of court for […]

Add Another Weirdo to the Bunch

I must be feeling especially cynical lately because I just can’t seem to get excited about, or even be happy for, celebrity couples that are getting engaged, getting married, having babies, blah blah blah. The latest headlines, including Charlie Sheen and his newest custom-ordered babies, have just been so weird and wacky that I just can’t […]