Charlie Sheen Can’t Tell his Boys Apart

Apparently, Charlie Sheen is now the proud pappa of two twin boys, who were both born last Saturday. I say apparently because I had to search long and hard for announcements of the birth – I didn’t even know that it had happened! Because I did actually know that his show, Two and a Half Men, had been extended to 2012, the fact that his birth announcement wasn’t just as broadcasted tells me that most people feel about Charlie Sheen the same as I do – okay actor, terrible person who no one is really too interested in. I actually only found out that Charlie and Brooke had welcomed the new additions by reading one of the most stupidest quotes I’ve ever read. It did come out of the horse’s mouth so, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised at the idiocy of it but I guess Charlie is having problems telling his boys apart. Yes, they’re twins. No, they’re not identical. Duh! From Celebrity Baby Scoop,

“Although they’re not identical, Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller’s newborn fraternal twin boys are still managing to fool their dad.“I can’t tell! They’re not identical, but at this stage they’re similar enough.” Sheen, 43, told Entertainment Tonight from the set of Two and a Half Men just days after wife Brooke Mueller Sheen, 31, delivered twin sons Max and Bob. Charlie said he likes short and sweet names: “[Their names] are very short and simple – easy to spell and remember,” Sheen said. “Bob is the same frontward and backward. I’m a fan of a short and simple name. Max was literally Nick until about a minute before he came out.”

Charlie went on to say that life at their LA home is tiring yet phenomenal. “It’s pretty amazing. Not a whole lot of sleep, but what parent does at this stage? There’s adrenaline, excitement, fear.”

I have two issues with this. The first being that, is Charlie Sheen really so stupid that he can’t tell two kids, who look different, apart? I would totally be able to understand this with identical twins but fraternal?? Come on, Charlie, let’s be a little quicker on the uptake, shall we? I am also a huge fan of celebrities, or anyone really, who gives their new baby (or babies) nice, normal names that don’t leave people wondering, “What the hell were they thinking?” While Bob and Max are both pretty normal names, BOB is NOT a good name for a BABY!! It’s not even Robert! Nope, just Bob. Stupid people.

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