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It seems as though the blood orange essential oil properties and the trend of homemade sugar body scrub and of having babies is over in Hollywood, with only a few bumps poking out here and there but two have been seen making their rounds as Alyson Hannigan and Nicole Richie have both been seen with their tummies proudly stickin out. I have to say that the benefits of jasmine and the two are sporting very different looks and I’m kinda diggin Alyson’s way more. She seems to be very ‘I’m just so happy to be pregnant with my Jamba Juice’ while Nicole Richie seems to be very ‘It’s unfortunate that I”m wearing a curtain when I’m trying to set maternity wear trends.’ I thought Nicole looked amazing throughout her entire pregnancy with Harlow and maybe this is just a bad pic but she just looks like she’s been partying too hard the benefits of lavender essential oil and the night before or something (which we know she wouldn’t be doing.) Maybe it’s tiring to be pregnant with a 1-year-old at home. I get that too. But I still think Alyson looks better between these two pics. 

Thanks to Pop Sugar for the jasmine hair oil how to use and the pic of orange oils and of Nicole and thanks to Celebrity Baby Scoop for the essential oils you can ingest and the pic of jasmine young and of Alyson.

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