Does Fred Still Want Britney?

Fred Durst and Britney Spears have provided plenty of fuel for the rumor mill fire in past years. Mostly they were in 2003 when Fred completely wore his heart on his sleeve when it came to his feelings for Brit and Britney completely denying having anything to do with Fred in any kind of romantic way. The two even made it […]

Is This What’s Making Rihanna Stay?

I think ever since it came out that Rihanna was giving woman-beater Chris Brown another chance, we have all been wondering one thing – WHY?!?!? Now it’s being reported that Rihanna actually made a sex tape with Brown and the same sources that are reporting the story are suggesting that this is the reason for Rihanna’s decision to take Brown back. Really? […]

Bump Updates! what is wild orange oil good for

                   It seems as though the blood orange essential oil properties and the trend of homemade sugar body scrub and of having babies is over in Hollywood, with only a few bumps poking out here and there but two have been seen making their rounds as Alyson […]