Britney’s Granted a Restraining Order and Death Threats

Britney Spears has gotten somewhat of a break, if you consider getting a more permanent restraining order against her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib, any kind of a victory in this whole mess that she’s found herself in. A temporary restraining order was placed against Ghalib at the beginning of the year, when he took part in trying to worm his way back into her life with the help of the devil incarnate, Sam Lufti and some lawyer, who I’m sure works out of the back of a van somewhere. Now that restraining order has been made a little more permanent,in Adnan’s case anyway. From Digital Spy,

“Britney Spears’s paparazzo ex-boyfriend has reportedly been ordered to stay away from her for the next three years.

According to Us Weekly, a Los Angeles judge has ruled that a restraining order placed on Adnan Ghalib should remain permanent until 2012.

Neither Spears nor Ghalib, who reportedly had no legal representation in the case, were present at the hearing this morning.

A temporary restraining order against the star’s former manager Sam Lutfi was extended until April 1, when the judge will hear from witnesses.

Spears split with the Birmingham-born photographer last March. He is reported to be facing deportation after being handed three assault charges stemming from an alleged hit and run incident last month.”

And though one battle may have been won, Britney has another facing her – she’s apparently been receiving death threats while on tour. I would imagine that this happens to stars quite frequently, especially when obsessed and crazy people know exactly where you’re going to be and at what time, and such. I mean, it’s the whole reason for bodyguards. But there’s got to be a point when you have to just say it’s not worth it and take yourself out of a dangerous situation. It sounds as though that’s what should be done here but people from Britney’s side are saying that things are ‘going great.’ Also from Digital Spy,

“A source reportedly told Look that the singer had been targeted by a potentially dangerous stalker.

The insider said: “Britney received some anonymous death threats over the phone and in the mail, and her worst fear is a kidnap plot against Sean or Jayden.

“She’s been having terrible nightmares ever since then and she wakes up in the middle of the night crying out for her boys.

“She told her head of security and he thinks it’s a lone stalker. Her paranoia has reached fever pitch and she’s wracked with fear.”

However, a spokeswoman for Spears said that the tour is “going great” and there will be “no changes to planning in any way at all”, Metro reports.”

So isn’t common sense to get Britney off tour and out of the situation if things are that bad? I’m not saying I 100% believe this story – it’s an unnamed source from two sources that I’ve never heard of so, who knows. But, if Britney is really having this much trouble with the threats and is scared for her kids, you’ve got to get the hell out of Dodge. It’s just not worth it. This is a woman who has a history of mental illness and I don’t think that having her life a live that’s filled with nightmares and being terrified at every turn is healthy for anyone, let alone someone who’s in a somewhat delicate state and trying to make a comeback. Let’s hope all is really going very well on the “Circus” tour for Brit and that she’s not really living in fear because, that’s really no kind of life at all.

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