Tori and her Mom just Can’t get Along

Tori Spelling has had a very roller coaster kind of relationship with both of her parents, Aaron Spelling and Candy Spelling. She had some sort of falling out with her dad and it was only 2 weeks before his death that they had managed to patch things up. However, there was severe discontent within the family, especially between Tori and her mom, during the time her dad was sick and how much time Tori was spending with one of her friends, instead of being at her dad’s bedside. Aaron and Tori had reconciled before his death but that didn’t change the fact that he had changed his will just 2 months before his death, mostly to cuther out of it. Although she still ended up with what most of us would consider a small fortune, it was still just a small drop in the Spelling bucket.

Then there’s the situation with her mother, Candy, which is not only still on-going but only seems to be getting worse and worse. Candy has been very public about her displeasure in Tori’s life choices, most of them beginning with her decision to marry her current husband Dean. Dean and Tori, who are the subjects of that ridiculous reality TV show, were both married when they fell in love and they both eloped very shortly after both of their divorces were final and Dean not only left his wife but 2 children as well. This whole situation spurred what is now a very heated feud between Tori and Candy and now, they have taken their fight to the bookshelves,both fighting with their own autobiographies and making poignant statements via the release date. From Daily Blabber,

“After Tori published her tell-all, sTori Telling, her mom Candy decided to write her own story. Then, of course, Tori realized she had even more to tell, so she wrote a follow-up as well.

So, here’s the scoop. Originally, Candy’s book, Stories from Candyland, was set to launch on April 14. Then the premiere of Tori’s book, Mommywood, was mysteriously moved to that same day. Her rep said, “[They] moved the book due to Mother’s Day promotions at retailers. It had nothing to do with Candy’s release date.” Really?

Well, Candy wasn’t having it, and she’s now moved her book release up two weeks, to March 31, so that the two books’ sales won’t compete.

Candy also made sure to point out that she hasn’t — and won’t — read Tori’s books.

“I never read her first one because my friends and family advised me against it,” Candy said. “They said it wouldhurt my feelings, so I decided to pass. I won’t read her new one either.”
Though, Candy does like to think she’s taking the high road. “I can assure you, however, that if Tori were to read my book, she wouldn’t be hurt at all, and, in fact, it might bring back some wonderful memories from her childhood,” Candy said. “Memories that I cherish and that’s why I wrote about them.”

Really? Can we get any more ridiculous? Oh, how bad it must be to live in the lifestyle of the rich and famous and the biggest worry you have is when your book is going to come out. There are of course two sides to every story and both here have definitely slung their fair share of mud but I really think it’s time for both of these women – these grown women – to just agree to disagree and leave it at that. I don’t know why celebrities always feel the need now to air their dirty laundry through a tell-all book. And these aren’t even A-list celebrities! CandySpelling married rich and then made sure she pushed her daughter into the spotlight as well and Tori was given a life that most of us only dream of to only right about how awful it all was. Can they please just both shut up and keep us out of it?

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