Christina Ricci is Engaged

Christina Ricci has always seemed like one of those Hollywood weirdos to me but in all fairness, I have always argued for her side saying that she always plays weirdos and therefore, we as an audience are inclined to stereotype her into that kind of person. But now she’s gone and gotten engaged which in itself, not so weird. The fact that she has gotten engaged to someone she’s only been dating since November….kinda weird. Again, I argue for her saying that they’ve only been dating publicly since November so who knows how long they’ve really been together but still, that seems awful quick. From US, 

“Christina Ricci is engaged to Owen Benjamin, her rep confirms to

Ricci, 29, and Benjamin have been dating publicly since November and will appear in the upcoming movie, All’s Faire in Love, this year.

Owen Benjamin recently made his film debut in 2008’s The House Bunny.

The 5-foot-1 Ricci has been spotted strolling around with her much-taller beau — he’s 6-foot-6! — in L.A. for several months.”

I hope these two have dated for a longer time than just 6 months and I do hope that they really do work as husband and wife because one, I really, really want to like Christina Ricci and two, because these two just look so gosh-darn cute together! I love how he towers over her petite frame and you can just imagine her looking adoringly up (way, way up) at him. There’s something very protective and sheep and lion about it. Aww, I love it when stars can make you gush!

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