You Know you Have tooMuch Money When…

In a slow news day, I went to go see what Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were up to. Expecting to find nothing except maybe a few sweet shots of Suri, I was surprised when headlines came up that the two were interested in buying the home of their soon-to-be departing friends, David and Victoria Beckham. Not so much surprised that they would be gobbling up more real estate, but more surprised that this was actually making news, I read on (after all, that’s what I went there for in the first place, right?) It seems that Tom and Katie are interested in the property but may not want to pay what The Becks did for it in 2007. Well, it is a bad market now, don’t you know? From Pop Crunch,

“Now that Becks will be “Bending It” in Italy more often than ever, the dashing soccer ace and his fashionista wife, Victoria, are looking forward to unloading their expansive Beverly Hills estate–and despite the housing crunch, they’ve already attracted a pair of interested owners, their old pals TomKat.

The British couple purchased the home for $22 million in 2007 after moving Stateside for a multimillion dollar deal with the Los Angeles Galaxy.

According to Star, Tom and Katie, who live around the corner from the Beckhams, hope to use the property as a guesthouse if they are able reach a deal with the Beckhams.

“They would use the place for visitors, but they don’t want to spend much more than $15 million.”

I get that. I paid too much money for my guest home and I’ve always regretted it. Puh-leaze! This multi-million dollar home is going to be used for a guest house? What, pray tell, is so horrible about Tom and Katie’s house that they can’t have guests stay there? Are they that much better than everyone else that their family and friends aren’t worthy to share the same breathing space as the ridiculous couple? Please. During a time when so many people are losing their jobs and so many families are facing uncertain futures, surely there must be a better way to spend your money than shelling out millions and millions of dollars for a guest home. And then squabbling over a mere 7 mil. Please!

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