Prince William’s Touching Words

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching in Britain, Prince William spoke about his mom, Princess Diana, at an event on Thursday. There is nothing that can be said when a child is talking about losing his mother much too soon, as Prince William was only 15 when Princess Di was chased down by the paparazzi over […]

Madonna Brainwashes Another

It seems as though Madonna has made the decision to completely wash another person’s brain from anything it’s ever known and fill it with nonsense about Kabbalah water and about how she’s the Queen of the Earth. This time, the wide-eyed and unsuspecting victim is her new young hottie, Jesus Luz who she started seeing immediately after […]

So Happy I Could Cry!

When Drew Barrymore and Justin Long split just shy of a year after they started dating in the summer of 2007, I was both very saddened and surprised by the news of the split. They had seemed so happy and were crazy over-the-moon about each other, just to all of a sudden have it announced one day […]