Is this for Real?

Jennifer Love Hewitt is reportedly dating her co-star, Jamie Kennedy. Normally, I would automatically disqualify this as rumor mill BS but the fact that it comes right from the horse’s mouth has me wondering. Jamie was on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show recently and made the big announcement. The really big shocking part? Not only that the two are dating but the fact that it sounds as though they’re ready to shack up together and start makin babies! I agree with the Daily Blabber on this one – it seems suspicious to me that Jennifer would be so head-over-heels just a few months after calling off her engagement to Ross McCall, which she was supposedly devastated over. So is this for real? Or is Kennedy being his quirky self and voicing his own boy fantasies? From Daily Blabber,

“Jamie Kennedy just announced on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show that he is dating his Ghost Whisperer costar, Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Actually, Jamie told Ryan they are “more than dating. We’re not engaged. But we’re more than in love.”

During the interview, Jamie also said, “If a person ever had anything, that had everything…it’s love,” Kennedy said. “She’s so talented; she can sing, she can dance, and she’s hilarious…and hot.”

I don’t agree with the Daily Blabber that this would be a step down for Jennifer as I always thought that McCall was sort of average-looking and I really find Jamie very cute, as well as very funny. And even though I wouldn’t mind seeing this couple work out, I really do think it’s just a case of when celebrities like to toy with the media and make a play on creating rumors.

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