Miley Proves her Age

Recently Miley Cyrus was spotted out with her 8-year-old brother, Noah and her bodyguard and was doing some shopping when a saleswoman mistook her to be a middle-aged woman out with her son and husband. The saleswoman told Miley that she looked great for her age and wanted to sell her some anti-wrinkle cream. Bahahaha! You can, and should, read the whole story  because it’s just so funny how stupid people can be. However, Miley has already proven her real age of a tender 16 when she’s recently been asked if her and boyfriend, Justin Gaston would be moving in together. 

And what was Miley’s reaction? Shock and horror that anyone would think that a 16-year-old girl would move in with any boy? Well, not really. There was shock and horror but it was more about how Justin’s a slob and she’s, like, not. From Page Six via Celebitchy,

“MILEY Cyrus (above) says she’s not ready to move in with her 20-year-old boyfriend, Justin Gaston, because “I get annoyed really easily.” The 16-year-old star of “Hannah Montana” told Detroit’s “Mojo in the Morning” show on WKQI: “I love him to death . . . but no . . . [Justin] is so smart, but just like, everything has to, like, go where it’s supposed to go and if it doesn’t, I get like really frustrated.” Also, we’re pretty sure Disney would frown upon that roommate situation.”

I, like, totally agree with, like, what Miley’s, like, saying. Ooohh, thank God I don’t live with a teenager! That crap would drive me up the wall! And does Miley also think that you move in with someone because they’re smart? I don’t understand what Justin’s brainpower has to do with anything. I also don’t understand what brainpower she thinks Justin has. Well, I’m glad that something’s keeping Miley from shackin up with Justin, if it’s not really the right reasons.

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