Drew may Really be Back on the Bottle

It was reported shortly after her breakup with Justin Long last summer that Drew Barrymore just couldn’t handle the pain anymore and had turned to the bottle to drown her broken-hearted woes. Actually, her rumored drinking was said to be one of the reasons why her and Justin broke up but none of the rumors were ever verified by either camp. However, Drew may have let her own cat out of the bag as she sat down with W after being featured on this month’s cover. I don’t know what she’s talking about and it clearly sounds as though she had gotten friendly with a few glasses of Scotch before sitting down for the interview. It’s something about being happy about being on the cover, and being an old lady, and pretending to like sex. ???? Yep, I say it again. From The Evil Beet,

“It’s like Cinderella fantasy,” the 34-year-old actress said of being a W cover model. “It’s like the cool kids club, too. I’m like a frickin’ paralysis dork victim! (points at her lip) I love pretending and I’m an old crazy woman and I love pretending that I love a sex life. (laughs)”

Maybe it’s one of those things that you need to read in its entirety or in context or something. I really hope so because God only knows what she’s trying to say. I used to be a big fan of Drew Barrymore but lately the girl has made me wonder. First there was the whole being back on the wagon rumor and her photos from the W spread really have her looking a lot like a cleaner, bit more sober, and a bit more sophisticated-in-a-trashy-kind-of-way Courtney Love than the cheerful, smiling Drew that we all fell in love with. Hopefully this is one of Drew’s many phases and it won’t be lasting too long.

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