First Candids of Bronx!

Bronx Mowgli Wentz has been spending some time across the pond lately with his parents, Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz and some paparazzi managed to snap some pics. Bronx looks so cute, albeit a bit surprised (probably by all those bright lights!) snuggled up against mom, Ashlee’s shoulder. Get used to it, Bronx, for the rest of your […]

Drew may Really be Back on the Bottle sage teas

It was reported shortly after her breakup with Justin Long last summer that Drew Barrymore just couldn’t handle the where does black tea come from and the pain anymore and had turned to the what are the benefits of sage and the bottle to drown her broken-hearted woes. Actually, her rumored drinking was said to be one […]

Oprah’s Words to Rihanna

Oprah’s a smart lady and what I love about her most is that she says what everyone else is thinking but doesn’t say. I haven’t had a problem with celebs keeping their mouths shut when it comes to talking about Rihanna and Chris Brown because they are these people’s colleagues and celebrities are in a situation where they […]