She May Have Some Sense After All

After hearing that Rihanna had taken her beater boyfriend, Chris Brown, back I assumed that she would not testify against him in court. Ya know, so as to not have anything stand in the way of true love – except maybe a couple of bite marks. But her attorney has cleared things up a bit saying that Rihanna is prepared to do everything she needs to do and if that includes testifying,she is prepared to do so. Rihanna has reportedly been very cooperative with the authorities so far during this whole thing so it wouldn’t at all surprise me that she would take the stand should she be required by law to do so. If she’s given an option though, I think there’s still a better chance she won’t. Let’s hope for her own sake that they don’t give her that option. From US, 

“Rihanna’s lawyer Donald Etra tells that the 21-year-old singer could wind up testifying in the felony assault case against her boyfriend Chris Brown.

“She is planning to do everything that the law requires her to do,” Etra tells Us. “If she is required to testify, she will do so.”

He said she has provided no comments on the outcome she wants in the case.

“The fact is, Rihanna desires that it be quick and expeditious,” he told Us. “She wants to get back to her life and her career.”

Asked how she is doing, Etra tells Us, “She is doing fine. She really appreciates the love and support of her fans.”

He declined to comment on reports that Brown is taking anger management classes. (It has been rumored that Brown is attending classes as part of a plea bargain that his lawyer Mark Geragos is trying to work out to avoid a trial.)”

I can’t even believe that it’s possible to avoid a trial by taking anger management classes and I’m really hoping, for the sake of the justice system, that this rumor is not true. That being said, if it is true, this is not the only wheeling and dealing that Chris has his people rushing around doing for him, all in the attempt to win back his good name. It seems as though the whole reunion between himself and Rihanna that took place at the Miami home of Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs was a set up and that people from Chris’ camp not only staged the entire thing but also called Page Six up personally to let them know what would happen, and when. From Page Six,

SEAN “Diddy” Combs had no idea Chris Brown was going to use his home on Star Island to stage his reconciliation with Rihanna for the paparazzi. A music industry insider tells us, “Chris called and said he needed to crash at Diddy’s house while he was recording. He said it would just be him and his mom.” In fact, Brown, who just got charged with two felonies for allegedly beating up Rihanna the night of the Grammys, brought her down and called the photographers. “Chris is a dog,” another spy said. “He’s always been so critical and nasty to Rihanna, making fun of her accent.” 

Well you certainly can’t blame Diddy for wanting to clear his name out of the whole mess and I suppose we can’t expect any better from Chris or anyone on his side than some snake move such as this one. Chris hired the PR specialist Alex Nierob and the company Rogers and Cowan shortly after news of the severe beating he gave Rihanna broke and they are a company that specialize in celebrity crisis situations. Among many, they handled Mel Gibson after he lashed out against the Jewish religion and they also handled Winona Ryder after her big shoplifting scandal. It seems they didn’t really do a good job here since now we know that the one thing Chris had going for him, his reunion with RiRi, was all a staged event.

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