Paris’ New Boy Toy

Well if Paris was upset about the possible hookup between her former boy toy, Benji Madden, and Katy Perry, she’s drowning her sorrows with a new man, cutie-pie Doug Reinhardt. Back to pre-Benji standards, Doug is just as pretty as Paris needs him to be and although he does have a tiny bit of grit behind him as he is a professional baseball player that has played in the Major League, I just don’t think that’s enough.

Paris doesn’t do very well with pretty boys, no matter how much she may like them. Personally, I really think she needs someone more like Benji, who is sort of tough and might be able to reign her in some. More than that though, I think that she just needs someone interesting to keep her entertained. But what do I know? I wasn’t picked as her BFF.

From Right Fielders,

“Reinhardt and Hilton have been dating each other for some weeks now.

Last week, Paris went to Tokyo for some of her shows and she took Doug to accompany her over there. While the crowd present at the airport to greet the celebrity didn’thave any idea about the dude, they obviously understood his chemistry with the lady.

Doug is known as the ex-boyfriend of The Hills star Amanda Bynes. The couple broke up just last month and since then he and Paris have been an item.”

Paris apparently wanted to keep this relationship on the down-low but it’s Paris and so, a few weeks was enough of people not talking about her and who her current new love is. The two also reportedly spent her 28th birthday at her home in Los Angeles, boozing and making out but the relationship is not being toted as ‘serious’ just yet. And it’s Paris so it probably won’t ever be.

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