First Pics of Seraphina!!

I still can’t get used to the name Seraphina Rose but we all have been dying to see the first pictures of her and while Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck don’t pimp out their older daughter, Violet to the media, they certainly aren’t ones to shy her away from it either. So I guess we knew it […]

Didn’t This Happen a Long Time Ago?

For those of you who loved Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman together and were devastated about their breakup, you may be happy to hear that they got back together. But then they broke up – again. I hadn’t even heard that these two had gotten back together but apparently, it happened a few months after their breakup […]

Paris’ New Boy Toy

Well if Paris was upset about the possible hookup between her former boy toy, Benji Madden, and Katy Perry, she’s drowning her sorrows with a new man, cutie-pie Doug Reinhardt. Back to pre-Benji standards, Doug is just as pretty as Paris needs him to be and although he does have a tiny bit of grit behind him as he […]

She May Have Some Sense After All

After hearing that Rihanna had taken her beater boyfriend, Chris Brown, back I assumed that she would not testify against him in court. Ya know, so as to not have anything stand in the way of true love – except maybe a couple of bite marks. But her attorney has cleared things up a bit saying […]