Nothing Happened at Brown’s Arraignment

Chris Brown appeared in court yesterday for his arraignment where basically, nothing happened except that Chris tried to look like a normal human being, appearing in a conservative greysuit and pretending to be somewhat subdued. He didn’t enter a plea and further proceedings will be postponed for a month. Rihanna also did not appear but sent a representative on her behalf. Chris also will not be appearing at next month’s hearing either as, from the sound of things, he also signed something saying that someone would be representing him at the next hearing. One thing that I suppose got accomplished was that Chris had a stay-away order placed upon him by the judge. Probably a good thing since Rihanna doesn’t seem to be doing much about the situation herself. From US, 

“Shortly after Chris Brown arrived at the courthouse for his arraignment — after being charged with two felonies in connection to his Feb. 8 altercation with Rihanna — on Thursday, further proceedings were postponed until April 6.

During the short session at the L.A. Superior Court, Brown did not enter a plea to the two felony charges against him. He instead signed a waiver that showed he understood that his attorney, Mark Geragos, would be appearing for him when the arraignment continues in four weeks.

Donald Etra was representing Rihanna, who did not appear at the arraignment, and he said that she asked him to attend on her behalf.

The court commissioner, Kristi Loustau, offered a “Level 1” protective order for Rihanna, which is the lowest level of a stay-away order for the victim.

“You are not to annoy, harass, molest or use any form of violence against anyone,” Loustau told Brown during the session.

Although Etra said that Rihanna requested no form of a restraining order against Brown, he added: “This is more than efficient to protect her in this case.”

After the arraignment, Etra said that Rihanna “wanted to convey her appreciation to the friends, followers and family” that have supported her. When asked about the couple’s reconciliation, Etra said that “this is not the time to discuss that.”

Geragos and the district attorney’s office did not comment.

Brown is facing assault by means likely to create great bodily injury and criminal threats. He has been free on $50,000 bail since his arrest. If convicted, he faces four years and eight months in state prison.

Stan Goldman, a professor of law at Loyola University said that Brown looked “slightly dazed.”

He also said that because Rihanna did not request a stay-away order, “it does suggest she doesn’t want him to stay away.” He said that if she refuses to testify, the case will likely not go to trial.”

I really tried to be sensitive to Rihanna in this situation but the longer it goes on, the angrier I become with her. I realize there are issues with abused women who don’t want to leave their abuser but this is just sending such a bad message to young women. It’s disappointing because I was so sure that Rihanna would use this as an opportunity to shed some light on the issue of domestic violence and show that you never know when it might happen or where it might crop up. I’m assuming at this point that she won’t testify but who knows? Maybe she’ll come to her senses and see that Chris needs to serve some serious time for what he did. She’s surprised me once already in her reaction, hopefully she’ll do it again. Only this time, for the better.

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