In Least Surprising News of the Day…

For all of you who had very high hopes for the relationship between Criss Angel and Holly Madison, you will be very disappointed to know that the two have called it quits. Really, was anyone actually expecting this to work out? These two started their relationship with hints of scandal in the air, as it was […]

Vince Vaughn is Engaged!!

This is shocking news as one of Hollywood’s cutest and funniest bachelors, Vince Vaughn, is about to officially be taken off the market. No one even seemed to know that he was dating someone and that’s just the way he wanted it. Part of his secret was falling in love with an ‘unknown’ Canadian real estate […]

Nothing Happened at Brown’s Arraignment

Chris Brown appeared in court yesterday for his arraignment where basically, nothing happened except that Chris tried to look like a normal human being, appearing in a conservative greysuit and pretending to be somewhat subdued. He didn’t enter a plea and further proceedings will be postponed for a month. Rihanna also did not appear but sent a representative […]