Oh the Horror! Little Mariah’s may be on the way!

She has just fought off her own onslaught of pregnancy rumors and now it goes, according to the National Enquirer that Mariah Carey is snap-snapping her fingers and forcing little Nicky-boy to go get some invasive testing done at a fertility clinic. So this means that though she may not have a tiny little Glitter babyin her oven now, she may very soon. This just is not good news. Not unless Mariah has grown up A-LAW-HOT since her last remarks about children, which included saying that she would feel violated if she ever had children. And now she’s doing whatever she can to have one, including going the extra mile after trying the old fashioned way for a year. Say it isn’t so! From Pop Crunch,

“Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey have sought the help of fertility specialist in their quest to become pregnant.

The 28-year-old rapper and his divalicious wife, 39, who will celebrate their first wedding anniversary next month, were spied leaving the Southern California Reproductive Center in Beverly Hills hand and hand on Feb. 18.

According to The National Enquirer, the fertility clinic specializes in in vitro fertilization and has been used by celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Richie.

“Mariah and Nick are trying anything and everything to conceive,” a spywitness claims. “After almost a year of trying the natural way they visited a fertility clinic to help make their baby dream come true. Mariah turns 39 this month, and she really wants to give birth before her 40th birthday.”

The tabloid spy adds, “Mariah has cut out fast food and junk food. She’s also taking prenatal vitamins and nutritional supplements.”

If this story is to be believed, I guess it would mean that there is no trouble in Mariah and Nick’s paradise. But if it’s true,it also means that there’s soon going to be trouble for the rest of us. Could you imagine the diva-dom that would come with that pregnancy? Ugh. And she wouldn’t stop walking around in those blasted black spandex pants and shirts, even when she was reaching the end and about to pop. Yes, this spells disaster for so, so many reasons.

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