Gisele and Tom are Married….Really!

I was waiting to hear all of the stories squashingthe latest rumor that Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady got married on Thursday, February 26 but since there’s been no denial yet, I’m guessing that this one is true. I have nothing poignant to say about this story and it just doesn’t really interest me at all except […]

Jennifer Aniston Gives Up on the Press holistic nutritionist near me

Jennifer Aniston has always seemed to be somewhat light-hearted when it comes to the nutritionist qualifications and the press. She’s always been sort of qualifications to become a nutritionist and of off-the-cuff and hasn’t really ever seemed to struggle in making sure that she’s not saying the how to get a nutritionist certificate and the ‘wrong’ […]

Is Katie Holmes Just A Famous Mom?

I really like Katie Holmes and while I think it’s unfortunate that she’s married to Tom Cruise, who I’m not such a fan of, I don’t actually hold it against her. But ever since she’s become Mrs. Cruise and had little baby Suri, it seems that Katie has become more famous for being a mom and her friendship […]